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Have you tried…

…turning it off and on again?

How many times have you heard this in the last 20 years or so?! Annoyingly, it does fix a lot of problems but when it doesn’t, time to parachute in the experts!

Thunderhat have been providing IT support for companies of all sizes for a number of years, offering either on-site or remote IT support for a fixed monthly price. 

Not to mention the number of years we’ve providing first-line IT support for our parents, grandparents, weird uncles, neighbours, randoms on the street. Not our kids though….they support us!

So banish the pale weirdo in the cupboard from your office and hire pale weirdos who work remotely!

What can we support?

Thunderhat can take over the running of:

IT & Networking

Your office computer network, broadband and wifi. Connection and hardware problems. Computer stuff!


VOiP systems and their many glitches. We hate them too…we just know how to fix them!

Business Email & Suites

Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exhange, GSuite. You name it, we can manage it.

Today's the day...

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